Hi Guys,

Most of you guys don't know me because I am on the east coast, but I have been a long time member of these boards, back when it was just www.bimmer.org , I usually hang out on the E24 E30 E23 and E28 boards.
Anyway , I'd like to ask you guys for some help. I have been trying to get in touch with someone in the Sacramento area. He was selling parts and I agreed to purchase some. It has been a few weeks since he has responded to my phone calls and now his email doesn't work. I paid this person some money and have not recieved the majority of the parts. I believe he is avoiding me, especially since I am on the east coast. If someone is willing to call him or email him for me, I'd really appriciate it and will repay this favor somehow properly.

Thanks In Advance - Ari

P.S. If you like you can email me at : arinuts(AT=@)yahoo(DOT=.)com
just decode this, it should be pretty easy