I was in New Orleans on I-10 doing 60 or 70 on the Hwy and went over a hump that bottomed out the butt strutt with a huge clang. Happend twice that day. Same road diff. place. My suspention and wheel setup are stock. My car was loaded (with the co-ed jennifer and other weekend beach gear) the first time and unloaded the second (just me with no gear). My car dosen\'t allow space for the alternate bolt arrangement. The body brace is flush at the rear of the car.


2001 3.0i, Jet blk/beige/beige, Sport and Premium, Dinan stage III software, HFTB, and CAI, Supersprint, Strong Strut trio, Whalen shift Machine, Stygar's clutch stop, Leather Z MkII armrest, Classic Carriers boot rack, clear bumper markers (amber bulbs), G-Tech Pro dash dyno, V1, colgan bra, I/O port/Forbes camera mounts, Hamann pedal set