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Was able to repair the oil leak on the twin turbo today. Pretty simple fix that involved pulling the lower oil pan and welding in the steel bulkhead fittings. Here\'s a pic...

While under the car, I took the opportunity to make sure that everything was buttoned up nice and tight. Everything looked good so I started her up and let her idle for 15 minutes so that the engine would come up to operating temperature. Checked for leaks and found everything to be dry so decided to take her around the block. Put about 3 trouble-free miles on her. :-)

Upon returning, I let her idle again for 15 minutes without any signs of oil leakage. Unfortunaely, a small amount of coolant overflowed upon shut-down but that is likely the result of the new overflow tank I recently installed(will make a separate post about that shortly).

All in all, I\'m really pleased with how things have progressed. I have to admit, though, that I\'m really anxious to turn up the boost (currently at 3 PSI). However, I must first get the O2 bungs welded in so I can monitor the air/fuel ratios. Would be foolish to melt a piston (or worse) after coming so far.

The next step is to get some baseline numbers. These will come from three separate sources: 1) Split Second Controller; 2) Wideband O2 Controller; and 3) G-Tech Pro Competition.

I\'ll spend the next few days working out ways to synchronize the data from each of these three units so that it will be more meaningful. I may need some help from Stuartyp and others who are more experienced with using the G-Tech as I\'m not very familiar with its operation.

Before signing off, I wanted to again say \"Thanks\" to those of you who helped to make this happen. Projects like this are never the result of just one person and for your help I am thankful.

Stay tuned.... Next stop..... 5 PSI.....
- John

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