Unless you are an E 38 owner you probably wonít know who Leighton Knight is. Up until a year ago he was a frequent contributor to the Roadfly E 38 Board, sharing his technical knowledge and vast experience with anyone who had a question. Leighton is the reason the Sunshine7s exist. His tireless enthusiasm and his persistent calls for all of us Florida E 38 owners to get together was the catalyst for the first Sunshine 7 meet. At our first meeting in Vero Beach Leighton didnít eat much and chalked it off to indigestion. The problem persisted and after a few weeks we got the bad news, Leighton has cancer.
In the past year he has endured chemo, radiation and numerous surgeries. For a while it looked like he had it beat. In the few times he was able Leighton participated in several Sunshine 7 activities, even though it clearly taxed him to do it. When we did the Rev High CAI installathon Leighton worked on every car. He did it happily and without reserve. That night he was so exhausted we had to help him into bed. Leighton has never complained, never uttered a woe is me. When we do get to see him he is up and helping to plan the next Sunshine 7 event. Leighton has never asked for anything and has given of himself gladly anytime someone needed his help. He is, in my opinion one of the finest human beings I have ever met.
Whenever Iíve asked his wife, Fleur what we can do her only response was to be his friends and to keep him in our prayers.
Fleur called me last yesterday and told me that Leighton needs blood. I was hoping that you would want to help. Here are the details.
Go to any South Florida Blood Bank (they are all tied in). Tell them you want to give a directed donation to:
Leighton Knight
1225 Canyon Way
Wellington, FL 33414
(561) 798-2024
He is already in their computer.
You need to tell them that he will be either at North Broward Medical Center under the care of Dr. Arias, or at the H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa under the care of Dr. Fields. Leightonís blood type is AB+, but they will accept any type and credit it to Leighton. They will give you a unit number. Please give that number to Fleur or myself. Please give. It is the least we can do for a guy who would give us anything.
Thank You,

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