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Thread: Fahey's last 4ltr turbo made [email protected] 7lbs boost

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    george c /mzilla
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    Fahey's last 4ltr turbo made [email protected] 7lbs boost

    Can some one check the math on that? TO4 turbo with one inter cooler, and when they put race gas in the motor it automatically dialed the timing back in using the detonation sensor and went from 425 to 500hp?

    george c

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    Johnny stahl
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    Re: Fahey's last 4ltr turbo made [email protected] 7lbs boost

    It was a 3.5 ltr with JE pistons, Pauter rods and a TO4-h and it dynoed 440 bhp at 7 psi on 91 octane.Fahey also installed a Uni-chip ecu as to how much they gained with racing fuel is an unknown but if the Uni-chip gave back 10-14 degrees due to 110 octane then 500 bhp seems reasonable.

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