with my car only here for a few weeks, i just got into my first accident. not impressed!

i was driving to work on 101N, and it was stop and go. then this black civic started coming into my lane. this wasn't him cutting me off, it was just him coming into my lane. he was at the same level as me, so i instinctively started turning right and honked. as i honked and looked left, the guy infront of me had braked and i hit him (an older blue civic). so the left of my car hit the right corner of him

the airbags didn't go off. there's damage to my bumer and hood, but
surprisingly small. however, i dont know if they can be fixed or if
they'll have to be replaced. the guy's car suffered a lot more
damage, i guess bmw's are build pretty solid. his bumper was totally gone, and the part above it was damaged a lot, as well as the corner part of the car. so it's like three panels. and the son of a [Oops!] started saying his arm hurts him, even though we were less than 20km/h. i think he just wants insurance money.

so we'll see what happens. i'm not too impressed. of course the guy who caused this took off.