I posted a message here a few months ago concerning my brand new BMW 330cic which I purchased in March '04. That posting listed all the issues I've had with this brand new car, including having it towed 3 times, spending more time in the service department than on the road and the non-responsiveness of the GM of this Maryland BMW dealership (BMW VOB). Can you believe a new clutch and various new motors for a car with less than 1,500 miles?

Here's the update! Since then, BMW North America has contacted me and set up an inspection of the issues I had to deal with. Surprisingly, or not, a related issue has popped up! Of course, another trip back to the service department and another "one time" problem to replace another motor.

The ironic thing is that I asked for the contact information of the customer service manager responsible for making decisions on "lemons" - perhaps trading my lemon in for a real car. The response was: "sorry, we don't give out that information and sorry, but we hope you don't run into anymore problems."

This is ridiculous! Potential buyers be aware! Those considering buying a BMW, I would offer other options. Those considering doing business with BMW VOB, DON'T! I have had an Audi TT now for 4 years, great car, great performance, not a single problem!

I'm just getting the information out to you and have already convinced a few collegues not to purchase BMW's. Try a Mercedes, or even a Toyota, they are more reliable and won't cost you towing fees.