How's that for a "hook?" lol. After 15,000mi, the Z was way overdue for her first "bra". I had the pleasure of returning to "Clear Statements" in Lynnwood, WA.(third Z) for the 3M protective coating. Dean the owner has been in the "bra" business 10 years. He and his partner Mike are the best at what they do in my opinion. On my Z4 they covered the bumper/spoiler, 12" on the hood, side mirrors, 1/4" on door edges, and exta product on the lower edge of spoiler, which really gets the abuse.
Advise to new owners don't wait to have this important protective
product put on like I did, have it done at as soon as you get the new Z.

Clear Statements...... tell em Denise sent ya

Inside shop

Z up on the lift

Mike cutting the 3M product

Dean sprays a soapy mixture on surface first then slides the film in place then uses a small plastic tool to smooth it out, very tricky

The hood piece is applied

Line barely visible, lucky to get this shot of it

The Masters Dean and Mike

Finished... back at home with the brand new, comfortable "bra";)

Side note... I think Dean is doing all right
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