Ok guys, I will finally be joining the boosted Bavarian ranks soon. I recently bought a turbonetics manifold for the M50 and already have my intercooler, injectors and will soon be purchasing the either straight T3 turbo or T3/T4.

My question here is what is the best way to manage the fuel on boost? I live in West Palm beach and Active Autowerke are about 2 hours away, but I called them and they said I will need a custom program from them since I am not going to run their kit. I guess their tuning is strictly open-loop. Where does the M50 mass air flow sensor max out? Can I use a Japanese style fuel computer (i.e. something that modifies the MAF signal voltage) Rising rate fuel pressure regulator? Does the Split-Second work on the M50 ECU ?

Please feel free to just pile on the info for M50 turbo tuning!!