As much as I dislike dealing with attorneys, I want to get an idea of how many X5 owners would be interested in a class-action suit against BMW for the window regulator issue. I'm tired of handing BMW $300-$400 (can't forget the "vapor liner", can we?) every time my windows drop unexpectedly because BMW has no quality control with their suppliers. I can deal with things like control arms going bad because they actually do some work and do wear out. But what can cause window regulators to fail over and over except for poor quality? But, it is a revenue generator for BMW service, so why fix the part? I've paid for two new regulators within the past two months and I've had my 2001 X5 for 3 years and 4 months now. The one that is being replaced today was replaced first in Fall of 2002, which makes this the third just on that door. All have been replaced at least once already and I'm going through the second round of replacements. I know that as of April 2003, BMW started warranting replacement window regs for two years. Unfortunately I really like my X5 and I don't want to believe that a BMW is only as good as the warranty period. Maybe that's their strategy.

I thought about resale and I don't feel this will have any negative effect on our resale value. As it is today, a prospective buyer has to take into consideration the window regulator problem. If BMW fixes the problem, that thorn in our side will be gone.

Apologies if I seem to be rambling on. Obviously, I am fed up with a lack of action on BMWs part and this is not a joke. I am NOT an attorney nor am I soliciting for one. I don't even know how to start a class-action.... yet. I just want to know if others are as unhappy as I am with this issue and think it is wrong for BMW to take advantage of it. Feel free to backchannel me at [email protected]