Hi, i dont post here that much often. I would like to get inputs about why i am getting low results.
I have a healty m10 into a 1976 02, compresion is 140 psi, even on all 4. head is fully ported, but not flow benched.
Turbo is a garret t-3 with .63 a/r and 60 trim compressor wheel.
header is a homemade equal lenght header. Pistons are custom fit, not forged (not yet $$$)
Intercooler is 2 mazda mx6 cores, welded together.
Intercooler outlet temperatuer rarely reach more than 30 degres, on normal temp days wich is 20-28 deg. here in Quebec.

Air piping is 2 3/4 inches to a 63 mm throtle body, on a ported 318 manifold.
Fueling come from top green ford injectors, rated at 30 lbs/hr of delivery, trigered by a SDS EM4F programmable fuel injection. duty cycle never goes more than 85%.

I am getting low hp numbers with that much boost, i was expecting like 220-250 hp, i did many runs with a G-TECHpro accelerometer and it gives average 174.7 hp at 4724 rpm and 200lbs-ft at 4560 rpm. It pikes at 4300rpm. I guess i could swap my turbine housing for a .48 a/r instead of the .63, could give peak power at a lower rpm and give a more flat power curve??
Timing is set at 10 inital up to 28, with maximum of 12 retard under boost.
I did 2 specific runs, with the mixture knob adjusted at +8% and the other at 0% and did compare them, not significant changes.

Any inputs would be very appreciated.
can e-mail me direct for better inputs/questions.

Pat Allen