A few questions.. First, I'm hearing conflicting reports about Bluetooth availability in NA. I have an 02/04 Z4 with BMW Assist and really would like this. Is it available? Has anyone had the kit installed?

Second, I'm kind of wishing I'd gone for the SatNav system now. Is it possible to retrofit it?

And last, I just sprung for a 20GB iPod (4th Gen). I got the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for now because I'm not sure how I want to integrate it yet. I like Apple's solution, but I'm hearing that I can't use it since I have the premium sound. I've looked at iceLink, but the complete lack of playlist control will probably drive me nuts (I have 6300 songs in my library).

I would really like to strap the iPod into the trunk (because the glove box doesn't lock) and have six seperate playlists that I can select from the head unit. It sounds like the Apple solution does the playlist thing at least, but I can't use it according to the specs :-(

Has anyone with the premium sound system tried to make it work? I've gotten so used to the steering wheel controls after just four days in the car that I can't go back now :-)

Thanks in advance!