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    Turn Signal Relay in '79

    Howdy folks -

    Thanks for the feedback on the rollcage. I am now preparing for my final "pass-inspection" preparations and have run into a bit of a snag - the turn signal relay. My turn signals don't work any more and I am presuming it is the relay. Everything else checks out. The problem is that I ordered a 1979 relay (same as 78 and before) and it does not fit!

    The one in there is labeled "SK 6460" 1363827.2 SHO.

    The replacement one (same as Bavauto, parts bin, etc.) is SK 89 6756 000 PA6 - GF30 and has different pins.

    I haven't been able to locate one that fits, at least not according to the pics on e-commerce websites.

    Any tips?


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    Re: Turn Signal Relay in '79

    the relay labled "SK 6460" 1363827.2 SHO is a fuel pump relay; not a turn signal.

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