To all Dallas/Fort-Worth area member we are having a meet on Sunday 8/1 at 3 PM.

Rendez-vous point is on the parking lot behind Hooters in downtown Dallas (Near the AA center on N Houston St) : Map

Around 4 PM we're going to head for the Texas Raceway dragstrip in Kennedale (near Fort Worth) :
The track is open every sunday night from 5PM to 9PM to anybody who wants to race ($10 entrance fee) :

At the dragstrip people can do a couple of run with their car (and test their launch control skill...) against other M3s or against other cars that are going to be there (it's a sample of everything r1cer, old mustangs, trucks, drag...), or if they don't feel like it they can just watch it's reasonnably entertaining.
They sell racing fuel at the track for those who want try that on their car.

Here is a little video I shot last time we went there : Vid (Sergtech (stock M3) smoking an heavily modded M3)

Directions to Texas Raceway. Those coming from outside of the Dallas area or from Fort-Worth can join us directly at the Texas Raceway.

We had a great Spring meet (See the vid), hopefully this meet is going to be even more fun.

Let us know if you plan to join us on Sunday 8/1 to meet other M3 enthusiasts and have a little fun.

Additionnal infos at :