Nobody is "just that good". No one person wins these races. It starts with the engineers and the management. It goes through the testers and the builders. Then it gets in the hands of the mechanics, pit crews and drivers. Yes MS is one of the all-time best, but if he were driving the Williams car right now, he would NOT be winning all the races. Plain and simple. You put any of the other top drivers in his car with the support that he gets from his team, and they will win races. Maybe not as many as MS, but they will win.
Look at it this way, JP is fighting a bad car all the time. MS drives the perfect line, every time. And how can he do that? Well, you got me, he's good. But he wouldn't be able to do that if his car didn't stay under him. He just thinks it into the corner and it is there. In other words, it points where he steers. JP is all over the track, fighting to drive the perfect line. He has to man-handle the car to get it to do anything. To stay on the perfect line, he has to get lucky. The car will just happen to hook up at the right time on that lap. The next lap, it doesen't and he has to fight to not eat a wall. These guys are on the absolute edge of control all the time. If that edge is jagged, you never know exactly what is going to happen. I think MS gets a car every week that he knows exactly what it is going to do. Plus, MS most likely is very good at communicating what is not exactly perfect to his crew so it can be fixed. I am not so sure JP is as good in that arena, but that is just speculation.
Sorry about the rant, I just felt like being verbose. :-)<html>
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