In one of the posts below Terry made mention of the idea for rewards weight in F1. A few weeks ago some buds and I were talking as to how to make F1 fun again without making it nascar.

We all love how F1 is the pinnacle of motor sport due to technological innovations and engineering marvels, so tire restrictions or engine restrictions would not be in our best interest. The money in F1 is what leads to these awesome gadgets in our cars today, ABS, DSC, paddle shifters, SMG, etc!!! So if we limit that we are missing out on some great development of motor sport technology which is not what we are after. Ask yourself, what did nascar ever bring to the motoring public other than some scary rednecks driving a 6000 pound SUV at warp speeds with #3 badges all over it?

Rewards weight is one of the few ways to keep the sport competitive while still encouraging technological growth and development! Speed challenge uses it and it is quite successful there, just look at how Auberland had to really muscle that e46 to hold off the Acuras. It is great to watch competition like that, competition where the driver is sweating bullets the whole race and where it is not a 2 lap lead like we see now with Ferrari.

Other great ideas are limits to engine revs, limits to wing adjustments, etc. But pure and simple, weight is key. Why do they always worry so much about fuel load? Here are my suggestions:

Lets get them to start adding some kilos to the winning cars and see how it pans out!

Winning teams will have decreased track practice time. Example, all teams start with 75 practice days throughout the season. Winning teams get docked practice days as their points increase.

Toss this one engine per weekend rule in the trash bin. Lord knows it is not saving any teams a dime!

Bring in a third tire manufacturer to the party.

Rule changes should be locked for an entire season so as to not alter the playing field mid-game. Would you all of a sudden change the rules of a baseball game in the 5th inning?

Now here is a long shot, but interesting to think about. Driver contracts will expire the end of every season. Then similar to NFL, they have a 'draft'. The teams with the worst performance of the current season get their first pick from the pool of drivers and will have to compensate him accordingly. Imagine Michael driving for Minardi, or Juan with Sauber? Kinda makes things interesting to imagine a season like that?????

Just my radical two cents worth.

Mark M