Where do you think I should go to repair this kind of scratches : Should I go to the stealer, should I trust the local body/paint shop ? Can you recommend somebody in the Dallas area ?

On a different note, I am coming back from a 1500 miles road trip (during which I managed to scratch my bumper f#ck, f$ck, [email protected] !!!!),
I didn't have any problem with the car, the only thing is that on 2 different occasions I had to drive under very very heavy rain (with 2 passengers + luggages), this car felt so unsafe it really pisses me off, I mean this is the best handling car in it's category under dry conditions and under heavy rain it feels like you're driving a bathtube on 4 pieces of soap and that you're going to crash at the next turn...
(I have only 8000 miles on my Michelin PS and 19' wheels)

I am just venting, I love this car but it still pisses me off that I am so scared I am going to trash a $60,000 car each time I get caught under heavy rain !