35 DAYS AND COUNTING!! Not much time left to enter and recieve a shirt, the order is going out within the next 10-15 days, SO SIGN UP TODAY TO SECURE YOUR EVENT SHIRT! Late entries cannot be assured of recieving a shirt. If you are not sure if you are late contact Brian (bfons) for details.

The excitement is definitely building, and SoCal is leading the way right now with the most cars from one area. Congrats to the hard-core SoCal 6er's!

Friday racing at the Las Vegas Mini Gran-Prix is going to kick off the first Sharkfest West, and a winner will be crowned so bring your heaviest shoes!! You're gonna need them!!

Saturday's show & shine (7-11AM) will have a raffle right after the awards are given for each class. It appears that the M cars will be grouped together, due to the few of each currently signed up. A FREE Lunch will follow and the afternoon drive is being moved up to about 2-2:30 PM so we can get back to Vegas for Food, Fun and Games!

Sunday will start with a group breakfast (either at the hotel or a nearby Denny's, Etc.) then a trip to the Imperial Palace car museum for a tour. I hope to have the tour started between 9-10AM (or earlier if requested), to give all a chance to see it and still have time to drive home, for those not staying the extra day.

A special thanks to Klaus & Adam (Vegas Locals) for all their help in scouting trip routes, providing trucks to tranport needed equipment and logistical guidance.

There has also been a lot of input from many of my new friends that I met at PSF, and it is all much apprecaited.

For those of you that have put one of these together you know what it takes! This is NOT my first big car show as part of the inner circle of organizers and I'm actually having fun at it, for the first time. These events are held to bring like-minded people together and share the love of our rolling artwork. Sharkfest West was started to give everyone another chance to meet new enthusiasts and rekindle friendships from past "Fests". Lets make it a real celebration in a place where the word party was redefined!

There are still a few rooms left for our BMW group, so don't wait too long to claim yours.

PS: We are still ASKING all entries to bring one item for the raffle, this is an option, but it will be nice to hand out lots of goodies at the raffle. If you do not bring an item that is OK too!

Sharkfest West & Stratosphere reservation info


Mark in Mesa, AZ.