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    Best BOV

    I've currently got a Bosch (plastic) BOV installed which seems to be failing (only after 1000 miles running 7psi supercharged). Am looking into replacing it w/ another brand. So any recommendations w/ place to purchase?


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    Re: Best BOV

    IM having trouble with my bosch valve as well.. The problem, when used with Vortech blowers, especially where youre running over 10 psi, combined with Euro hfm, is that they produce surging that you can feel, and driveability issues. Not when accelerating, but when transitioning between throttle and coasting. Right at that point where you are on the cusp of pressing on the pedal, and not, there is a surging which is a pain.

    I had seen on some Audi S4 pages that they install the bosch valves Backwards, ie, with the diaphram surface facing the outlet side. What this does is to remove the diaphram from the pressure side of the system. Apparently, what can happen is that unlike with turbos, the sc air is always coming from the supercharger. So if you dont reverse the valve, you can have the situation where the manifold can be at light pressure, which will want to Close the valve, and at the same time air will be wanting to Push the diaphram open; clearly a situation which will cause the flutter I was experiencing. The valve will start to open at around 2" of vacuum. When you are transitioning from throttle to coasting, the bosch valve has trouble maintaining the diaphram in a constant position.. The result is 'flutter' and it feels like surging. By turning it around, things got alot better.

    Im going to try the Hyperboost HX valve from stratmosphere. With a much stronger, more 'precision' apparatus, this should alleviate these issues hopefully.

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