If anyone needs any E28 parts while I'm down that way, lemme know. I have an '82 528e parts-car with only a few parts missing so far. I've pulled the radiator with tranny cooler, the inst. cluster, left grille-works, headlight buckets, expansion-tank, ICM, Throttle-body, and some sensors and whatnot. That's the stuff that sits in my basement right now. I've sold the fresh-air blower and...I think that's it. Granted, some of the stuff I claim for me, like the ECU (always carry a spare) and the door-handle surrounds... but If anyone needs anything, lemme know and I'll pack it up for the trip.

(Also, I can get ANY Saab 900/9000 parts if you go that way too)

P.S. I'm not looking to get rich off my fellow BMW-enthusiasts. Name your price.

'87 528e "is" 196k
'88 M5 192k