Helle everyone, I'm a Service Advisor for a BMW store in the northwest and I'm going to be relocating to the Roseville area.

I'm interested in taking a position at the BMW store in Roseville but I was hoping you guys would give me your opinions on what you think of the store.

You know.. just the standard stuff.. Are they adequately staffed, what's it like to get loaners, what's it like to call them on the phone, do they have good technicians, or good advisors, how big is the shop, and is it big enough to handle the work load.. etc,etc,etc..

What would you like to see changed?

but mostly I'd be interested in hearing your own raw thoughts on the store. I haven't contacted them yet to discuss employment. I've been an advisor for BMW for about 6 years and would prefer to stay with them, but if the store is trouble, then I'd look elsewhere.

Thank you for input.