... So I'm looking at buying tires and I finally decide to go with a Bridgestone RE750 (siped) as rainy weather tires on the winter wheels for my 7; I have a Monday a.m. appointment at Les Schwab, and the general manager gets me right in. They pull the car in, and I walk around to watch them work on the car, and as it turns out I have the Tires from Hell ~ zero pressure Michelin run-flats that are a [Oops!] and a half to get off the wheel (Star Spke style 70). Long story short, all 4 wheels get damaged in the process of removing the tires. What does Les Schwab do ? They have all 4 wheels stripped and refinished to factory spec ! I work in retail so I'm a pretty harsh critic with customer service, but these guys stepped up to the plate, never made excuses for anything and took care of me ~ I highly recommend these guys. I went to the Les Schwab in Hazel Dell so if you are looking at tires call Dan Kiely, general manager, at 360-693-4170. NO I do not work for them, I'm just a very happy customer.
'98 Arctic Silver 528i
'00 Royal Red 740i Sport