My steering wheel developed a shimmy again a week ago. The same symptoms as the Thrust Arm Bushings going south. A bit surprised that they were replaced on April 10th 2004.

Inspected the rotors and pads...all fine.

Made an appointment at Tischer and went in this morning. They took the car for a drive to see what is going on.

I am waiting in the lounge..This guy walks up and asks "Dude..What year is that?". "It's a 97" I say. "A 1997? I thought they stopped making ///M1 a long time ago?", he said. I said "Oh..It's not an ///M1. Its a 840 Ci".
"Man, It is one sick ride", he exclaimed. "Thank you", I nodded.

So the car comes back after the drive. I am told that the Thrust Arm bushing are shot (Leaking?). I said "How can it be shot when it was replaced by you last April?". He said "Oh? Let me take a look". He looked through the service records and found the invoice and verivied it was done. So I questioned "Hay! Was it Pre-Loaded when it was put on the last time? The only way it could fail is if it was not preloaded. The weight of the car should have been on it before it was torqued".

He looked at me with a slightly stunned eyes and asked me to wait a second as he went on to talk to the Tech who did it the last time. Then he came back and said "Ok Sir, We will replace the bushings under warrenty and make sure to preload them this time. Please wait in the lounge and we will call you when it is ready".

A long boaring while later my car was done. They even rebalanced the wheels. And I was out the door. The car is without shimmy now and I am happy.

Not bad Tischer....Not bad at all, But wish it was done correctly the first time.

"I am no expert...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once."