Above is posted the offical thread for this drive. What follows is the information copy and pasted that Edward has written about the drive.

Austin and I were talking tonight about a group drive and since I've done this particular drive a bunch of times with motorcycle groups, he asked if I would lead. Sure! Sounds fun so here are the details!

Date: SATURDAY October 16th.

Departure: 8am from Einstein's Bagels in Plano. Einsteins is on the SOUTH WEST corner of 15th Street and 75. Its the first exit north of 190 (george bush turnpike) and 75. Breakfast will start there at 7am if you want to eat. Show up with a FULL TANK of gas before the 8 am departure. There are gas stations on the other 3 corners so just top off at one of them when you arrive.

ROUTE: We will be travelling ENTIRELY back roads all day. I know a great run through north east Texas that will run us through Tom Bean on the way to Paris and then up through Iradel, Broken Bow and then eventually into the Ouachita mountains and to the TALIMENA SCENIC BIWAY which runs from Talihena OK, to Mena Arkansas. We will stop at many of the Scenic overlooks (there are around 30 of them) on the Talimena Biway for photos, etc. and then we will have lunch at the QUEEN WILEMENA LODGE which is up on the biway. We'll then descend into Mena, get gas and head back to Dallas. If we're dilligent, we'll be back in Dallas before, or around, 6pm on Saturday afternoon.

I'll lead the drive (I've lead sportbike groups up there dozens of times and even a ride that included 65 BMW K1200LTs one time) and I know the route well (including where several speed traps will be). I will print out maps for everyone attending so that if something comes up and you have to leave the drive early (or if you somehow get lost) you won't be stranded.

Speaking of getting lost...

The format will be a Lead car, the main group, and then a Sweeper car. The Lead and the Sweeper will be in contact with walkie talkies. The route will be in the country so once we get out in the twisties and away from towns, everyone can drive at whatever pace you feel comfortable driving. Then, whenever we come to a stop sign or a turn, the leader will stop and wait until the sweeper (last car in the chain) has arrived and says "everything is cool".

We then continue along (and we don't continue until ever car is accounted for - the sweeper's job is to stop and assist anyone with a problem so he has to have a cel phone to call the leader if that happens).

This allows for everyone to drive as fast or as slow as they want without worrying about getting lost. You may feel like driving like Ralph Schumacher for one stretch at the front of the pack, and then feel like driving like Miss Daisy the next stretch at the back of the pack - that's cool. IT'S NOT A RACE. When I lead sportbike rides, there are some of us that blast off at 170+mph in some sections and there are some of us that never break the speed limit - but we all end up gathered up at every intersection and we never lose anyone. The system works. (I'll also teach everyone a "pass it on" method for getting through traffic if we need to).

Before we leave I'll go through a rundown of how the day will play out, give a little "safety speech" and then we'll be off. It is NOT A RACE. Its a day to enjoy the drive, enjoy your car, and enjoy the scenery. It'll be a fairly long day of driving so make sure you check your tire pressure, have some water with you, etc.

Here is a little info about the Talimena Scenic Drive:

...and here are some photos I've taken of my bikes up there in the past (to give you an idea of how amazing it is - the entire drive is on the top ridge of a mountain range - it's hard to beleive you are so close to Dallas as its like another planet completely!)