I usually see a couple of posts about which mechanics or dealer service centers to avoid. I figure a positive message would be useful too...

I use to use Cunningham BMW in El Cajon, but they failed to fix two problems in two of my cars after several visits. When I called them, they never returned my calls afterwards. I finally decided to give BMW of San Diego another try based on more recent good service testimony about them. Before they got bought by UAG, I recall their service to be absolutely horrible. But I guess since UAG reorganized the place, things have changed a LOT!!

They were able to solve both of my problems (strange rattle + intermitent xenon failures) in just one visit and did it very quickly with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend my service advisor, Glenn Prida.

However, I'm still interested in finding a good independent shop that does good work for under $80/hr. Suggestions???