Hi everyone,
I'm just one more victim of the fan blade shattering
under the hood.... about 10 minutes ago... on-ramp to
the highway... hood, radiator, hose, ?? other damage.

The thing that makes my problem special is this: I
replaced the water pump about 2,000 miles ago and
rigorously inspected the fan blade BECAUSE I knew
about this particular problem!

Why hasn't BMW re-engineered this part (not to mention
the radiator)!!!!

This is so frustrating.

What I'd like to hear from people on the forum:

- Has anyone rebuilt the radiator end caps?
In my case the fan blade absolutely destroyed
both caps on the radiator. The metal area was
left undamaged.

- To anyone else whose had this happen -- have you A.)
been able to get BMW NA to step up to the plate
and accept responsibility for their poor design
decision resulting in catastrophic failure of
many other components. and B.) can you offer any
tips on recovering from this problem.

Cheaper the better. Unfortunately the car has been
for sale the last two weeks and hasn't sold. Just my
luck to have this happen.

If my name looks familiar that's because it is. In
the last year, I've had the following fail:

- transmission (complete failure) -- ~$3300
- oil pump shaft failure (not oil pump bolts backing out) -- $150

== $3450

That's almost a failure every other month. I paid $10,100
and in one year I've paid almost 35% of the purchase price
on problems that STRANDED me. I've also paid about $1000
in preventative maintenance due to things I've read on
this forum. That's nearly 45% of the total cost of the CAR!
In one year. Yikes....

On the converse side, my '88 635csi is going on 200k and
I've never had a major repair (of which there are 3 or 4
listed above) to do, or a failure that stranded me.

What is going on? Once I get this car back on it's
"feet", this thing's getting sold ASAP.