I put off installing a pair of 40 dcoe's because I worried that I would never get the mighty ti running again and it would just sit in my driveway and mock me all winter.

Finally pulled off the old solex 40phh's and screwed on the dcoe's I have been hoarding. Found a guy in belgium that had a set of proper linkage arms, same as the tisa style. Bought some adjustable push rods from Pierce manifolds and now have a nice, clean throttle linkage.

The original fuel pump wouldn't clear the weber's, so I turned the top section 180 degrees and screwed it back together. Now have hoses going everywhere but delivering fuel.

I pulled coil wire and cranked the motor a bit to get the fuel up. Plugged the wire back in and hoped for the best. Cranked a while, nothing. Cranked some, still nothing. Having visions of self telling wife car broken, must send to specialist. Stomp on gas pedal, crank more, continued nothing.

Then.. a hiccup. More frantic stomping on pedal and cranking. More hiccuping, than actual nearly running, more stomping and cranking... AND IT'S RUNNING. It's very chuggy and shaking all over but I can get out of the seat and look in the engine compartment. Still running!

Twist the idle set screws, pull on the linkage, still chuggy but STILL RUNNING! I notice white smoke out the tailpipe, not good, I'm thinking and shut the car off.

Seems like I might get it out of the driveway yet!