As mentioned earlier, our local club is sponsoring a drive to St. George's Hotel in Volcano on the 24th. We'll be meeting at the Ranch Cordova K-Mart on Sunrise (corner of Sunrise & Coloma) at 9:00, and will leave promptly at 9:30. We'll be heading up HW50 to the Missouri Flat Park 'n Ride to pick up some add'l cars. Lunch is at 12:00. FYI all those participating will have to sign a waiver required by the club. That's for insurance reasons.

Choices for lunch are: Eggs benedict, huevos rancheros, lunch salad w/ or w/o chicken and cheeseburger w/fries or salad. A small house salad may also be purchased. Drinks & dessert can be ordered off the menu. I suggest you bring along cash to make the bill-paying easier ;-)

If you are interested in attending, please let me know by the 19th, and be sure to include what you'd like to eat.

So far I have 30 people/15 cars registered. It should be a fun drive through the foothills!
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