Guys and Gals:

Recently I found out that my engine has had little or no work on it even after being at:

Bavarian Engine Exchange,
3698 Omec Circle
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

( almost three (3) months, going on four (4).

Despite weekly calls I don't think they have even cracked the crate I shipped my engine on.

I am now getting calls on, "We need payment".

In which I reply, "Is my engine done and ready to be shipped back?"

They are responding that they need payment before they even begin work!

Is this the proper way to conduct business? Or am I just ignorant on engine rebuilding/payment procedures?

They seem quite inflexible and after two calls to the owner, Brice Eagle, CEO, I am getting return calls from the Operations manager, Nelson who seems to be a nice enough guy and has offered me the option of half payment to begin work.

Tommorrow, they are going to fax me a bill for $6,000.00+ dollars for a rebuilt M70 engine since my 1991 BMW 850i had an overheating problem and supposedly had cracked heads.

I checked with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and they have no unresolved complaints. I consulted with my attorney and he said to at least get a fully, descriptive invoice from them that includes all work and services to be performed.


1) Have any of you had any positive AND ESPECIALLY negative experience with Bavarian Engine Exchange?
2) Is this proper procedure for engine rebuild shops?
3) Should I pay first so they can begin work?
4) Or should I have my motor shipped elsewhere?
5) Am I doing the right thing?
6) Is ther anything you can think of to help me resolve this issue?

Since there seems to be a misfeasance or even malfeaseance issue at hand, I am pretty upset that almost four (4) months later, they are not ready to ship back my engine as their services and sales literature on their website state (nice 5 year warranty).

Any advice would be much appreciated and I look forward to your responses.


Chris Bryan
Little Rock, Arkansas
[email protected]