Brazil turned out to be a interesting race on many levels!!

First, with Michael forced to start in the back we had more of real race. Surprising how without Michael Ferrari seems much more equal with everyone else. Goes to show that the majority of Ferrari's advantage is likely attributed to pit strategy and race tactics and not so much attributed to the car itself. True Ferrari has an awesome car, but Brazil showed how close everyone else was.

Second, It was fantastic to see Williams leading the show again!! What can I say, I loved every minute of it and I am sad to see Montoya go. He is a scrapper, the kinda guy that will not sit back and watch. Rather he will fight and claw and assert himself to better his postion. Some people are turned off by that mentality, I prefer it and enjoy his race style! I do agree his personality may need some refinement, but hey, that is who he is!

Third, next year should be wickedly interesting to watch how Kimi and Juan go at it. I doubt Juan will ever sit back and take second to Kimi. Juan is a fighter (with a hot wife too)!!

Forth, what the heck, only two sets of tires for the entire race weekend???????????? WTF???? They will need street Michelins to do that!! I could loan then my Pilots if need be. Rediculous! What about if they have flats? Are they done then? Some of these rules are almost archaic.

Finally, not a huge nascar fan, but thoughts and prayers are with the Hendrick Motorsport group for the loss they suffered this weekend!

Mark M