hey guys!

i just called around BMW bellevue, seattle, & northwest(in fife) to get a price quote on 60k miles inspection 2 service for my 99 528i.

guess what? hahahaha there are few hundred dollars differences between all above dealers' service dept.

here is what i've found out few minutes ago;
1. bellevue wants $950+tax
2. seattle wants $850+tax
3. northwest wants $755+tax

as you can see from above, the bmw bellevue is charging nearly $200 more for the same service, assuming the fact that they all go by the same bmw NA inspection2 list.

my car hasn't reached 60k miles yet, it's still at 54k miles as of today.

i guess i will bring in my bimmer to the place where i bought mine originally, bmw northwest, when the time comes.....

what do you guys think?