I have a question on the legality of RSM (Rear Shock Mounts). This question is for an E30, but I assume it would apply to all E30/36/46 and Z cars, as their RSMs are pretty interchangeable.

This is assuming BMWCCA Stock Class rules

I know "Suspension bushing material is free", and "For those cars that can accept them,....sold rear upper shock mounts are allowed" but I know there was a rule clarification that stated that "Suspension bushing material is free. The definition of bushing material does not include replacement of bushings with spherical bearings or rod ends generically known as hiem ends. Solid bushings are allowed as long as they are fixed in place and allow rotation only on a single plane or axis. The only exception would be sway bar link connectors which are free".

OK...knowing that - what is legal in stock class - TC Kline, Ground Control and Turner all sell 2 "lines" of RSMs - a race one with a spherical bearing, or a street one with rubber/polyurethane components. Which can I go with and stay legal?

Thanks guys!