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    Insurance Coverage

    Insurance Question(s)
    The point at which I'll be participating in "timed driving events/speed contests" seems far off at this point, but since I don't think I'll be rich enough to have a truck and trailer at that point, I am wondering how to get a racing car to/from events.
    After talking to AAA, it seems that they will cover a street legal vehicle during normal operations on the highway, regardless of what equipment it has inside
    it, but they will not cover it while being used in a timed event (makes sense).
    So 2 questions:
    1. I would like to buy a prebuilt street legal racing car complete with roll cage, harnesses
    etc., but I am worried that when I drive it up to AAA to have them insure it only to drive to and from events that they will refuse.
    Anybody have experience with AAA or a company that must visually check the car before insuring it?
    2. What insurance companies do people use? Are there some that will insure a car without having to visually OK it first? Companies that ask less questions than

    Thank you in advance for the advice

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    Re: Insurance Coverage

    I assume you are wanting FULL coverage?...if not then practically no insurance co. will even care about seeing it.

    If full coverage is desired they usually do want to view it.

    What you could do is obtain "liability only" & right before you leave on a trials trip call them & ask forthe additional coverage & ask if you can pay the difference by credit card or bank card because you are out of town at the moment.

    Criminal mind? naww just thinkin outside the box..

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    Re: Insurance Coverage

    I've had 21st Century for 15 years. The only time they wanted to see my truck was when I had to file a claim. I drove my truck to their office and their adjuster came out to the parking lot and took photos. That was in 2000. Since then I've bought a new Toyota truck, then traded that in on my BMW Z3. They've never asked to see either vehicle. I've always had full coverage. Oh, and since the accident wasn't my fault, and the other guy's insurance paid the claim, my rates didn't change at all. I'm happy enough with 21st Century that I'm staying with them.

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