so i'm at work and we're finally fixing our heavy vehicle simulator
i work for the institute of transportation studies specifically under pavement research, but there's a program we work with called PATH (dunno what it stands for)
but they research cars and add crazy shizz to them etc.
ANYWAY i'm in the machine room where they store all their cars and i see ONE covered...
i walk by and look at the VERY familiar rims and uncover a beautiful light green (dunno exact color) e39 with 1400ish miles on it
actually a 540i ;]
then the machine guy says, "yeah, it's a real beaut... took her to over 100 and back to zero on the field station, drives like a champ"
then he dumps the bricks on me and says, all research vehicles are smashed after they're used
3 people witness and sign off, 1 from the dept. of transportation, 1 from ucb, and 1 from the manufacturer
the manufacturers ALWAYS send fully loaded top of the line cars and PATH always dumps in a load of money then scraps the cars :(
i asked if i could swap my TRX's for the rims on the e39 but he said he'd get in trouble
sigh... so depressed...

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