On behalf of everyone here at Roadfly, I'd like to welcome you to the Roadfly Lemon Law Message Board. It's our hope that this board will become a great resource for people wishing to research, discuss and share ideas for solving lemon-law related issues.

Please use this board for:

<b>- Discussing legitimate concerns</b>
i.e., Is what you're experiencing eligible for lemon law consideration?

<b>- Searching for solutions and/or help</b>
i.e, Has anyone had a similar problem, and if so, how was it resolved?

<b>- Resources for moving forward with the lemon law claim procedure</b>
i.e., How do you file a lemon claim? Are there agencies, services, people, etc. that can help? What are the laws for a particular state or province?

<b>- Other information relevant to lemon law discussion</b>

Please note that this message board is <b>for all makes and models of cars - everything from Acura to Volkswagen</b>, and is not specific to any one brand of car. If you're having a problem with your Bentley or your Kia, feel free to chime in with questions and/or suggestions.

We don't want this message board to become a "complaint depot" - for specific complaints about a car or service experience, please post in the appropriate message board. We'd like for this to become an informative resource for issues related to lemon laws around the country. Please do your best to keep things civil, friendly and on topic. It can be pretty tempting (and easy) to get wound-up over nagging, repeat issues with a car, but even so, the board will fare better if you do your best to keep your cool when discussing topics related to lemon law issues.

Thanks for your interest, and again, welcome to the lemon law message board!

-Roadfly Staff