Anyone have experience, good or bad, with a Toro lawn mower?

My wife and I plan to go back to mowing our own yard again in the spring. We're pretty much adamant on having electric-start and one of the mowers we are considering is the Toro 20031. The only "problem" is that it has a Tecumseh engine.

Two mowers ago we had a Craftsman mid-priced mower with a Tecumseh engine. It was a TOTAL piece of junk. By the time you got the damn thing started you we too tired to mow the lawn. It never ran well and after a couple of long Florida seasons it began to require a valve-job every single year.

Our last mower was an Ariens and was, without a doubt, the best mower we've ever owned. The problem here is that the electric start Ariens with a Briggs & Stratton Intek is $250 more than the electric-start Toro with the Tecumseh engine.

So, any experience with a Toro and Tecumseh engine?