Although this is not for a racing setup, I intend to track my B7 Turbo Coupe in some driver's schools in the coming year, and it's time to set up the brakes. I'll be replacing the rubber brake lines with stainless, and swapping the stock rears with e32 calipers and e34 rotors. I'll keep the four piston M6 front calipers, but will get rid of the Zimmerman X-drilled rotors (which are pretty beat, anyhow). I want slots, but the Alpina's are mondo expensive, and the only other place I've found that will slot the stock rotors is Frozen Rotors. Of course, that's on top of the cryo-treated $$$. Hopefully, someone in this forum has some experience with them, and can offer me some advice. How do you feel about 'em? Thanks in advance...

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