I purchased a Nokia 6230 Bluetooth phone with Cingular service (formerly with Verizon). I chose Cingular because they had a wider variety of Bluetooth phones 5 of which appear on the BMW “compatible” list.

Good News:
For those who have a 2005 5-series w/NAV as I do: the phone paired effortlessly and quickly. I find it highly suspicious that dealers are keeping some vehicles all day or longer just to pair the phone with the car – it literally took my 45 seconds!!!!

If I make a call or a call comes to my 6230 I can have a conversation without holding the phone. The radio is muted automatically and the clarity inside the BMW is excellent. The person on the other end hears me equally as clear. Only Noticeable “distraction” is person inside BMW sounds like they’re in a “hallow” room or speaker phone, however clarity is very good. No conflict with SOS either.

BAD News:
The car is acting only as giant “speaker phone”. NOTHING comes up on the information screen/iDrive window. It doesn’t show a call is coming in/out, if connected/disconnected, no phone numbers, no phone book/list and the “talk” button on steering wheel & by iDrive controller is unresponsive.

Even if I use the voice commands and say “dial number” it responds by saying “please activate phone” – the BLUE communication screen will appear but the ONLY information it displays is . It’s as if iDrive wants to recognize the V60 phone but not the 6230 even though calls are being “routed” through the cars speakers.

While this is still a learning process for most of (including BMW), I’m hoping someone might be able to advise on the below:

1.) Did I do something wrong with my pairing?
2.) Which is more likely: an issue with BMW or with 6230 phone?
3.) Is the Nokia 6230 simply the “wrong” phone to use?
4.) Should I have the dealer do the pairing?
5.) Is my problem something only the dealer can correct?
6.) Should my software be updated? If so to what? (build date = 9/04)

Thanks in advance all! Feel free to email me direct at [email protected] with any answers/information. However others might find it useful to see the information here as well!

Cheers for now!
2005 Alpine 530i & 2005 Sapphire 530i