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    Power to the Powerless

    Power to the Powerless
    Struggle of the Proletariat
    Matthew Denton

    There are many views of the proletariat endorsed by the wealthy, we are seen as a lesser breed, the inferior class, the working class, white trash, second-class citizens, we are the have-nots and thus are condemned to be wage slaves for the majority of our lives; though on a side note I have to admit that my work history is sporadic. The proletariat slaves away endlessly barely able to keep above the poverty line, some people who have jobs are forced to live in their cars for they cannot afford an apartment. The worker, the component that keeps the gears of industry and commerce moving, is doomed to a repetitive task for the rest of his life and his hard work earns only just enough to get by.
    The proletariat has always suffered from the ruthless abuses of
    unscrupulous capitalist business ethics and relentless greed. If a company loses profits then the executives lay-off hard decent workers who are just trying to put food on the table for their family; why not lay-off redundant executives or slash their salaries because they wouldnít ever have to worry about something as vital as feeding their family. Capitalists see the average workers simply as tools that can be discarded if they outlive their usefulness. Capitalists move factories out of their countries of origin and open them up in the third world because labor is so cheap there, I canít fathom a human being who owns a billion dollar sneaker company and to save a little money pays impoverished people pennies to make his shoes. The workers give their sweat and their blood to keep the gears of industry moving and their repaid by giving them a wage that barely gives them enough to get by and they are shackled in the chains of necessity and thus you have a wage slave. Capitalism might also be the final doom of the family owned store and the family owned farm because small stores canít compete with the prices of a ďWal-MartĒ and corporate cattle farms which are of such a massive scale that they drive out the family owned farms. Though on a brighter note, some family owned farms and stores successful market their products as an alternative to the corporate equivalent. Another example of the endless pursuit of money and profit are all these new drugs produced by pharmaceutical corporations, drugs that have not been properly tested to understand the long term effects. There have all ready been many deaths because of a unsafe medications that had not been thoroughly tested. Then there is this horrible pandemic of AIDS in Africa, you see, there is a pharmaceutical company that markets AIDS medication that greatly prolongs the life of sufferers of this disease, but they donít produce the less expensive generic brands of these medication and will not allow Africans to purchase the cheaper drugs. There are some real humanitarians for you, some corporate executive denying cheaper drugs for these poor victims because it would hurt their profit margin.
    The bourgeois, the middle class or nouveau riche, fall between the proletariat and the upper class. The bourgeois are usually better educated and financially secure then the struggling proletariat, though both depend on their professions to meet the financial burdens of living. But while the proletariat have only enough to survive, the bourgeois enjoy a higher standard of living and seek to maintain the status quo and are somewhat of a obstacle for change for they perceive change as a threat to there standard of living.
    Now we reach the apex of the social pyramid, the upper class and the fantastically wealthy who have a majority of the worldís wealth and own all industry amongst other things. Capitalist doctrine dictates that allowing the majority of the wealth to be in the hands of a few allows for the creation and expansion of industry and commerce. They see themselves as the ruling class, somehow they are superior to people beneath them but if you ask me most of them where born with a silver spoon shoved up their [Oops!] and they wouldnít know the first thing about how for some it is a constant struggle just to go on from one day to the next. If a man amasses a fortune due to his ability and intellect then I can respect that. Iím somewhat pessimistic in my outlook but I sometimes think democracy is a load of crap because if money is power then the power is not in the hands of our elected officials but in the hands of a wealthy elite. I could be full of it, but just how much influence does this rich elite have in the circles of political power.
    Iím not a commie or a Marxist but I read the communist manifesto and I liked some of what I read. I liked the part about a classless society, I mean we can all agree equality is a great thing, but I say we havenít achieved it yet for can you honestly tell me a poor man gets the same justice as the rich, can you tell me that calling someone white trash because their destitute isnít discrimination, are you going to tell me there is still this attitude that the strong should pick on the weak, I personally believe that we are all equals for we are all human. Yes, you should attain as much success as your ability and intellect allow you but a man is not some inferior person because he doesnít measure up to you. I also like that Marx was on the side of the proletariat, in his time the working conditions for the workers where horrible and he saw them as human beings that deserved to be something better then wage slaves. I also like the fact that Marx said, ďTo each according to his need,Ē, I think that means helping out the people who have the least and need the help the most.
    Horrible things where done in the name of communism and Iím not against capitalism, but I believe the wealth should be more equally divided and I believe our government should be watching out for the interests of the people rather then the interests of big business. I believe the world is a deeply flawed place and some must try and have the courage to change it for the better. They say Utopia is impossible, that is a lie and this is the truth I tell you. So many people are completely consumed by the endless accumulation of money, but there are a few who actually want to make things better.
    The bourgeois are happy with the status quo and while a few might desire change for altruistic reasons, most are probably scared of change. The wealthy upper class are probably very hostile to a radical change for it might threaten their power and they donít trust humanity to change things for the better.
    That leaves the proletariat and while some might say that they have no power, the truth is they have the power to change this world and they are probably the only ones with the courage to do it. Even the powerless have power, the power of the proletariat is unity. If the proletariat united behind a common front then they would have the power to change the world. If they all voted the same way for candidates who wanted to make their situation better then the proletariat could improve their standard of living. We could even solve the more serious problems our species faces.
    We must combat aids by having mandatory aids blood tests for every citizen for one person who does not know he has it can infect many others, if everyone citizen is tested then we could halt the spread of the disease. If government was more aggressive in the war against aids then maybe this black pandemic could be stopped. The cost of our inaction will be hundreds of millions of lives.
    We must also turn our attention to the third world and realize that there is a war that must be fought for there are ten thousand casualties each day, the war against hunger. Science is our greatest weapon in this war, for it may be feasible to turn countries that are very poor for agriculter into fertile lands where enough food could be produced to feed the starving.
    Alone we are powerless, together and we would have power, power to change this world into something better.

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    Re: Power to the Powerless

    Duuuuude! Great essay.But to really have some impact....take it to craigslist.com

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    UK & Canada are examples of>>

    a mixed Economy! a mix of Capitalism and Comuninism. We can live in 'relative' comfort knowing we have a state provided 'safety' net in case of need. The USA is Capitalist only, and so has the 'tougher' scenario, no 'safety' net, making you work harder in order to provide. The upshot of that is, when you work hard, the probable benefit is you'd make far more dosh meaning you and your family enjoy a higher standard of living.

    It's a balance isn't it - humans are selfish, fullstop, we ALL want more and better and bigger etc, no matter you live in the west or in a 3rd world country.

    Yes, we in the west who own most of the wealth in the world could erradicate world hunger and solve medical issues throughout every part of the world - but we choose not to, just bits and pieces (in Aid etc) for them. Yet we spend colossal amounts on armament and all that..

    If an Intelligent Alien life form was 'watching' us as a planet and had to write a report on what they saw, it would'nt make for very good reading in this - selfish, divided, war, non tolerant etc would be the words used.

    However, given the fact we are all in this situation, there is much more 'good' in the world than bad, for however selfish we as humans are, our minds and souls ensure that we do the best in every scenario.. think of that viewpoint too!

    Ok, i'll shutup now, it's just gone midday here on sunday afternoon, i'm still a bit hungover, so i'm gonna chillout the rest of the day and work out how to make more money (booo hisss for being money minded!!) so that my family can enjoy life more and contribute towards those less well off than us in some ways ( hooray for being good!!)

    Dennis!! West London UK!!

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    Re: Power to the Powerless

    "Alone we are powerless, together and we would have power, power to change this world into something better."

    And there-in lies the problem. I used to place some belief in Jefferson's: "I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion."
    People don't WANT to be educated!!! They simply do not want to know!
    I even got involved in Canadian politics to try and change the system and got to see first hand not only how incredibly slimy and self serving politicians and their backers truly are but how stupid and naive the general population is. It was incredibly disheartening.
    Now I believe that the population gets exactly what they deserve with the status quo of picking an inane issue every 4 years the ignoring all but what the media chooses to cram down their throats in between. A few complaints, some mutual backslapping of the like minded (just like my diatribe here), and back to berating everyone but themselves because looking in the mirror would allow the truth to roll out like the black, stinky cloud it truly is.


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