Well if my 90 with 205K miles was not purring quite well with new brakes and driveshaft and it was not so far away I would have to consider this one even if it is tax time. Of course as we all know E-Bay cars can sound better than they look on inspection but I have used the web to find my last three cars and two of them I purchased remotely and had shipped. All three have been good deals but I look for the highest value over color or wheel style for example.

As some of you know I take a more pragmatic view of auto ownership then some but that is a forced view because of financial priorities is business not wheels. The two main reasons to say away from a 1994 is the engine and transmission and if you can trust the seller these have been addressed. If it could be bought in the $5K range and only needed the regular stuff one should be looking at driving it for another 75 - 100K miles without spending the major bucks plus at that price one could afford to pass on collision and comp insurance if so desired to self insure these. At a different time and place this would be one I would be very seriously checking out.

Only one thing is negative that I can see at this point with my mindset. It is a dealerís car and I have never gone that route. To date I have stayed with my rule to only buy from current owners. Two reasons, one an owner knows more about the car than a dealer and two an owner will more often put themselves in your shoes mentally and sometimes even over stress the negatives more than a dealer in my opinion.