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    SF Bay Area: Driving Skills and Tour Clinic-Jan 8


    We're doing a "Driving Skills and Skyline Fun Tour Clinic Sunday!

    Come join us in the fun of driving and touring over 100 miles of awesome roads and scenery! Learn new driving skills, improve your driving, have fun and be a better driver.

    You don't need to have had any performance driving experience, but learning a bit more about performance driving can definitely make you a safer driver. Come tour with us, all are welcome!

    This month's topic: “Driving Skills – Traction Circle”

    Date: Saturday January 8, 2005

    Time: 9:00 am 10:30 am for the talk part of the clinic
    10:30 am to 3:00 pm for the tour. Lunch in Davenport at 12:30 pm

    Place: Active Life Medical Center
    1391 Woodside Road,
    Suite 200
    Redwood City, CA 94061

    Register: Just e-mail me at [email protected] or leave a message on my cell phone at: (650) 400-9887

    Cost: $0.00

    Here's how the day will go:

    We meet at my office at 9am and do the talk/clinic part till about 10:30am.

    Guest instructors:

    Aaron Tachibania: SCCA GTU & GTO driver/owner of Datsun 510, Datsun 280ZX Turbo and Pantera. Finished 4th as a privateer GTU. Currently organizes Car track days for seat time.


    Chuck McCalmet: President's Cup, Tri-State Championship winner, Marlboro, VIR, Bridgehamptom, IRP, Loudon Enduro Karts winner, race instructor, has tested in a Lotus 23 with the lap record, owned and raced a Shelby GT 350. Past Team Manager and Mechanic with the USA Karting team winning the World Championship in Hong Kong in 1972. He currently drives a Beck 550 Spyder and 911SC!

    There will also be a discussion on safety, autocrosses and time trialing.

    Then we take off for our tour. We'll stop at Gazos Road and Hwy 1 and the proceed down Hwy 1 to Davenport for lunch. After lunch we take more twisty roads ending up on Hwy 9 and Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35). See below on the complete route and directions to my office.

    If you have a family radio bring it. We'll be on Channel 9

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm a chiropractor in Redwood City and quite a motorcycle enthusiast and have been organizing the Doc Wong Motorcycle Riding Clincs for the past 7 years (see me web page at: www.docwong.com).

    This event however is a car only clinic.

    Not too long ago I purchased a Porsche Boxster and a Miata and a whole new world of fun opened up for me. Learning how to really drive the car has been a fun challange, fortunately much of my motorcycling experience has helped me with that. I'm having a great time in autox and open track days.

    The tour/drive will be pretty mellow. The idea is to enjoy the scenery, the drive and to improve our driving skills. So if you're up for a very fast drive, this isn't it.

    We start at Dr. Wong's office on Woodside Road (Hwy 84) in
    Redwood City. We go up Woodside Road, through
    Woodside, and on up the hill to Skyline Blvd.

    From there, we head down Hwy 84 (name now changed to La Honda Road).
    From San Gregorio, we go south on Stage Road to the
    little town of Pescadero (which is a veritable
    METROPOLIS compared to San Gregorio). Then we head east on Pescadero Road a short ways to Cloverdale Road, where we turn south
    (right) again. We follow Cloverdale road down to Gazos
    Creek Road, where we turn west (right).

    We follow Gazos Creek Road to Highway 1 where we can take a break. Gas is available here.

    Then take a trip down 1 to Davenport, where we stop for lunch.
    After lunch, it's south on Highway 1 again to Bonny
    Doone Road, where we turn east (left). Don't turn
    right there, or you'll be surprised at the lack of
    floatation a set of air bags provide. ;-)

    Up Bonny Doon Road to Empire Grade. North (left) on Empire Grade to
    Jamison Creek Road, down Jamison Creek Road to Highway
    236. Right on Highway 236 to Highway 9 in Boulder
    Creek. Another short break in Boulder Creek (gas, if
    needed), then up Highway 9 (east) to Skyline, where we
    assemble at the little rest area there for a final
    meeting. After our meeting and bull session, the group
    breaks up and everyone is on their own. Hope you can
    find your way home from there!

    Directions to Active Life Medical Center

    Active Life Medical Center
    1391 Woodside Road, Suite 200
    Redwood City, CA 94061
    (650) 365-7775

    Drive well!

    Doc Wong
    Arctic Silver/Boxster Red/Bk 1997 Boxster
    Red 1991 Miata
    Harry K. Wong, D.C.
    1391 Woodside Road, Ste 200
    Redwood City, CA 94061
    Off: (650) 365-7775 Cell: (650) 400-9887
    Chiropactic and Alternative Medicine
    __________________________________________________ _________________
    To subscribe to my "DocWong Driving Clinics" mail-list just e-mail me and I'll put you on the list!

    This is a low volume list used for all my announcements on future drives and related activities.
    __________________________________________________ _________________
    Driving Skills and Skyline Fun Tour Clinic dates:

    Saturday January 8, 2005 “Driving Skills – Traction Circle"
    (no event scheduled for February)
    Saturday March 19, 2005 “Driving Skills – Tire Pressuresand Tire Selection”
    Saturday April 9, 2005 "Driving Skills - Weight Transfer Effects"
    Sunday May 22, 2005 "Driving Saturday January 10, 2004 “Driving Skills – Smooth Inputs"
    Saturday June 11, 2005 “Driving Skills – Steering Wheel Control and Body Position"
    Saturday July 16, 2005 “Driving Skills – Brake andThrottle Control”
    Saturday August 13, 2005 “Driving Skills – Lines of Travel”
    Saturday September 24, 2005 “Driving Skills – Heel and ToeShifting”
    Saturday October 22, 2005 “Driving Skills – Causes and Solutions to Understeering”
    Sunday November 13, 2005 "Driving Skills - Causes and Solutions to Oversteering"
    Sunday December 4, 2005 "Driving Skills - Field of Vision"
    __________________________________________________ _________________

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    I recommend any docwong ride or drive...

    Doc is an enthusiast who loves to ride and I guess now drive! Well organized and always informative, two thumbs up. :)

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