hi, all!!

i got a problem!! actually not my car, is my bf's x5

my bf's has a pretty high mileage on his leased x5 , so he is "smart" enough trying to get a (from ebay) new odometer changed (remove and replace).

i am worry, cuz i knew this is a fraud.! and illegal !
but he wont listen to me, unless i show him proof this is not working!!

can anyone help me on this, beside telling him is illegal,
i think if i tell him if he uses those digital odometer rollback programmer will cost him like 2000, he may proabbly stop,
but the thing is, he thinks he didn't even need to use that to program it, instead just changing the odometer parts is enough.

he wont listen to a woman, so if anyone can tell me some FACTS
and i can talk him into it

Thanks A LOT!!!