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    323 E46 vs 325 E36 in ITS?

    It seems most of the top ITS cars in the Northwest are E36 325s. I believe the 98-99 E46 323 can also race ITS but I don't see them competing. Is this due to additional cost or do people think they will not competitive due to their higher weight requirement?

    I have an E36 M3 that I was considering setting up to race but based on talking with several experienced folks I am leaning towards just keeping it for street & DEs and start looking for an already prepared race car. I'd sell the M3 once I find a good race car and feel ready to race


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    I went through this decision

    and decided on the E36 as it is *proven* as a front runner. I've done the "diamond in the rough" unproven car before and was not fun.

    It is not to say the E46 can't be faster than the E36, but you would be the first to try and pave the way. I would rather not spend tons of money and time chasing my tail for 2 years trying to make the E46 faster than a E36 when that time can be better spent with a proven car working on my driving and racing skill and have a hard target to shoot for in other E36 cars.

    The other factor is that the E46 has less HP, but same torque down low. The 150lb extra weight is not insignificant.

    The build cost would be higher as well, especially the motor.

    The way I looked at is, why risk atleast $15K additional to buy and build the E46, when I can build a proven E36 chassis car that when built and driven properly, is a front runner.

    It is a risk vs. reward thing. Plus, if you are too fast in the E46, SCCA will add weight or other ways to slow you down to the speed of the other cars.

    Hope this helps.

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