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    Owned 4- 1 yr. Have sunk 4 g into it....ughhhhh.

    Hey gang! Yep,1 yr. 4 grand in repairs...sick of the nickel and diming,98-528-5speed.123000 km

    Waterpump+all related parts,rad+ all rel.. parts,battery,rear brakes,rear bearings...

    I now need a new expansion tank because the original is due.Tires.
    Thinking about selling.My bank is a bout to burst.I realize alot of the above is normal maintenance...but?!

    Anyone care to empathize/share your experience?

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    I feel your pain....

    1987 635 bought two years ago, PO fed me a line...
    7 grand to buy,
    10+ grand in repairs and maintenance
    6+ grand to remove rust and repaint
    What a learning experience...

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    Re: I feel your pain....

    100k-150k can be an expensive period for older cars. Sellers of "low-milage" 100K cars really shouldn't get a premium. A car at 175k will either be fit for the junkyard, or in decent shape, and the difference is easy to spot.

    Still, if you like the car, it is worth havng it fixed properly. I got my first BMW, a 325e, at 120K (miles) and sunk several thousand in it over the first year or so. It has never left me stranded, and it will be hitting 200K before spring. A few thousand dollars spread out over 80K miles isn't much. My ETA commuter is super-reliable as well - the only thing I worry about when driving it from Seattle to Edmonton is the RCMP.

    If you still feel bad, look at the depreciation rates on a new 7-series, that always cheers me up :p

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