Cheers all!

This is for the individuals who have followed my previous posts re: Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phone compatibility with 2005 model year E60's.

I won't re-hash all the phone compatibility details. However as a "reminder" the below applies ONLY to Sony Ericsson T637, T610, T615 & T630 phones - ALL of which are "approved" by BMW and pair FLAWLESSLY with BMW Bluetooth equipped E60's.

Note: This IS the definitive word - don't let your dealers/parts guy tell you different. The below parts are not only required to fit your (Sony Ericsson) phone into the E60, they also fit PERFECTLY and can be installed in LESS than 60min. (possible less than 30min by a "pro")

BMW parts needed for Sony Ericsson phone:
- Adapter: part #84210304298
- Eject Box: part #84216946075
- Support: part #51167060175

These three parts together REPLACE the "coin tray" inside the center arm rest of the E60. The parts (snapped together as one unit) allow the driver to secure a Sony Ericsson phone and have it charge while in the car and utilize the vehicles phone antenna.

I followed the below link posted on the ******** forums by "mrbelk". A HUGE thanks to mrbelk for his descriptive install instructions & pictures. Note: mrbelks pix & instructions outline install for CPT 9000 phone - it is EXACTLY the same for Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phones.

Another big cheers to "Gary" of Stevens Creek BMW in San Jose, CA - Gary did all the leg work, obtained the parts and did so WITHOUT making me pay for them first.

Cheers and good luck to those who wish to use the Bluetooth function!

2005 Alpine 530i & 2005 Sapphire 530i