Hey guys, just thought I'd let all you AZ Bimmer drivers know there's a dyno day coming up...

We're having it at Dyno-Comp (www.dyno-comp.com) any cars are welcome, but of course, BMW's will take priority. Directions can be found on their website.

Hope to see some new faces there!

BMW: Dyno-Day
Saturday 1/29/05
(AWD cars are welcome.)
Since it is a (BMW) Dyno Day event, these cars will take priority.

First come, first serve...
the fun starts at 9:00AM.
2WD Cars: $45 for 3 pulls.
AWD Cars: $55 for 3 pulls.
Boost and Air/Fuel ratio Graph: $10

As always...it's a great time and Dyno-Comp always orders Pizza and Refreshments for lunch.

During lunch Dyno-Comp will also be hosting a "Tech Quiz" session for free prizes and gift certificates!!!

(2): 10% off any BMW performance parts
(2): 20% off EVOTECH flash software
(1): Bondurant $100.00 Gift Certificate