1 or 2 of you here may recognise me from the E34 forum...

Ok, so I'm seriously considering spending at least 2 weeks in Canada in late March/early April.

I'm visiting in lieu of maybe relocating - wanna check the country out. But this is primarily holiday time, not job-search time.

What I eventually do may be determined by where I can get cheap (or free!) accomodation. I think I could manage to stay with some family friends in the Toronto region, but I'd really like to check out Vancouver as well.

I'm toying with the idea of flying to Toronto, staying there for like a week, then trekking across the country to Vancouver, perhaps by train. The other options are to fly (how boring) or hire a car for the trip.

While the car option seems kinda romantic (in some way) I think train or plane are more practical. Train would probably be more fun.

I'd then stay in Vancouver for a week or so then fly back home (Cape Town, South Africa). Maybe I'd even stay a bit longer than a week - would depend on finances.

These are all just thoughts up in the air at the moment, but I'd like to tie them down soon! Time is running out!!

Any input or suggestions from locals would be greatly appreciated. An idea of cost for the train and car could be useful. Also public transport costs around Toronto and Vancouver, as well as what a decent but inexpensive meal would cost. Or pointers to websites that have any of the above costing would work too :)

All of this is going to cost a packet, I know, but I've never been out of my country and I really want to get out into the rest of the world. I plan on doing 2 weeks in London UK either before or after Canada. Most flights from here to Vancouver/Toronto seem to go via London anyway, so I'd include the London leg as a 'stop-over', which works pretty well financially ;) I have to look out for my soon-to-be flat wallet, you know. At least I get youth-fare airtravel prices since I'm 25.

A great adventure awaits! (I can hope, right?)

ps - Don't try to talk me out of it on the count of the weather :p
I'm pretty much set on this timeframe. but out of interest, what will the weather likely be like end March early April?

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