Hey guys,
a bit tricky, trying to find this out for my sister. I live in NJ, but my sister who's 20 just moved to Cali.

My parents lived in Michigan before but now work abroad on assignment.

Sister just learned how to drive and is getting a car. Not sure why, mabye 'casue she's a new driver and no insurance history before. Insurance compnay wants 4000/yr to insure an 01 jetta.

I remember when I was a kid my parents insured the car under their name and had me as the co-driver, and that saved us ton of money.
I own my own car now and insure under my own name in East Coast.
Question for sister.
if she buys a new car, to save money on insurance.

could we get a insurance under parents' name and has her as a co-driver?
Can we simply tell teh insurance company that we just moved here, and in order to register the car, we need to have proof insurnace. Then they would look it up by parents michigan license adn insure them?
Would that work?
If that works.
Does the title/registratio has to be under parents name? Or can it be registered under Siste'rs name but insured under parents/sister as co-driver.

This works in some otehr state, where I know the registration & insurance person doesn't have to be the same for the same vehicle, and some state would insure you w/ an out of state license as long as the car is registered in teh same state.

anyway. just want to find out...any tips is greatly appreciated.