I won't bore you with the sordid details of the incompetence and lack of professionalism at Santa Monica BMW. Their service department should be SHUT DOWN. I took my car in for service on my air conditioning and it took SIX WEEKS to fix the car. Three different times they handed the car back to me claiming to have fixed the problem and they hadn't. One service rep (who no longer works there) told me he had replaced my entire air conditioning system, which was a BLATANT LIE, as nothing had been done to the car.

They are a bunch of incompetent LIARS.

I asked 3 times to speak with the owner of the company, Dellis Montell, and the arrogant S.O.B. wouldn't even return a message or a phone call.

My lease is finally up on my BMW, and I am going to buy an audi A6, simply because I can't deal with the horrific service at Santa Monica BMW.