I just moved to the area and went to Avus for some work. I knew I needed some things done and was told there were a few other things that needed attention. I am now all set to go over there to proceed with the remaining work and now I read a large amount of negative comments on this board about the shop. I am, in a word, confused. Do they charge too much? I have seen the word "shyster" applied. What's up with this place? Should I go there to get this work done (the diagnosis was accurate, it needs to be done) or is there a better place to go? I would like to get good work done for a fair price,but I don't want to pay through the nose especially if everything isn't on the up and up. Everybody has a gripe about a shop at one point or another, I understand that.But is there a problem with Avus? I would really appreciate a no B.S. assessment about how to proceed. Thanks all.735iL 3/90
Ashland, Or.